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Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice – 7 tips to choose a good taxi

taxi-bourg-saint-maurice-1Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice

Choosing a taxi in Bourg Saint Maurice can hold a few surprises if you don’t take certain precautions. Observing these 7 simple rules, will ensure that you will likely have a good experience rather than being ripped off.




1) Compare the price of your taxi in Bourg Saint Maurice.

Browse a few internet sites in order to find the best service, quality and price of the taxis in Bourg Saint Maurice.
To find these sites, simply type « taxi bourg saint maurice » in your preferred search bar.


2) Choosing a taxi which has 4×4 vehicles.

If you are going to be driving in the mountains on snowy and icy roads, a good taxi company in Bourg Saint Maurice must allow you to benefit from a 4×4 vehicle which is equipped with snow tyres, so that you (you and your family) are transported in total security during your trip to the ski stations.

3) Book your taxi as early as possible

The  Bourg St Maurice taxis are often overloaded on Saturdays and Sundays and you risk having to wait a while before finding an available taxi at the Bourg St Maurice station. This is always unpleasant after a tiring journey.

4) Choose reserved taxis rather than available ones

Prices can be more expensive when the taxi transports you as « available » (that’s when the counter ticks). It is always better to book in advance to benefit from a pre-determined flat fee which will be less than the ticker price for your transfers to the ski stations (Tignes, Val d’isère, Les Arcs, La Rosière, Peisey, etc …).

5) Do not forget to ask for childrens’car seats (if necessary).

The Bourg Saint Maurice taxis, as elsewhere, are obliged to respect the regulations and must transport your children in the best security conditions. Failure to do this could cause you unnecessary worries .

6) Pay attention to the number of passengers in the taxi.

Certain taxi companies in Bourg Saint Maurice use transport with 8 place minibuses and this is less expensive than having to send 2 taxis if you are a group of more than 4 people. Pay attention to this kind of thing which could save you a lot of money.

7) Stop, and check the TTC price of of your trip before booking.

In order to avoid nasty surprises when reaching for your purse, it is better to ask the transport company for a confirmation of the price by email . The price of the taxi will be, in some respects, contractual and they will not be able to ask you for more on arrival.

If the conditions are not the same, obviously (Change of destination, number of people etc…), the taxi company will have the right to change the tariff conditions.



If you wish to spend your holidays under the best conditions, it must be well-organised and prepared long before the date of your stay. The taxi reservation is part of this.
The Bourg Saint Maurice taxis are, in general, professional, trustworthy and ready to contribute to the seamless running of your stay.


Kind regards

Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice – Taxi Aarthur Transport


Tél: 00 33 (0)6 14 18 26 11 


Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice Tignes

Vous allez arriver à Bourg Saint Maurice en vacances et n’avez pas prévu de louer un véhicule pour vous déplacer. La solution la plus sage est de réserver un taxi Bourg Saint Maurice Tignes.

Rapidité du transport en taxi

En louant les services d’un taxi Bourg Saint Maurice Tignes, vous aurez l’avantage principal de la rapidité du transport. En effet, le chauffeur de taxi connait toujours les meilleurs itinéraires pour aller plus rapidement d’un point à un autre surtout s’il y a des embouteillages ou si la neige bouche certaines routes. Vous n’aurez plus à vous soucier des distances entre aéroport, gare et station de ski. Le chauffeur de taxi saura emprunter les meilleurs itinéraires pour que vous soyez à l’heure en toutes circonstances




Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice – Taxi Aarthur Transport


Tél: 00 33 (0)6 14 18 26 11 


Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice – 7 conseils pour bien choisir un taxi

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Taxi Bourg Saint Maurice – Taxi Aarthur Transport


Tél: 00 33 (0)6 14 18 26 11 


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